What is IceDEA about?

Design that you can taste
Design is not always tangible, nor is it restricted to product features. It can be anything, such as a taste or scent as long as it belongs to the realm of aesthetics and pleases one's senses in some way.

We are Ice cream Designers!
If you are looking for some tantalising dessert, particularly ice cream, you are no longer limited by choice. We tailor ice cream flavours according to what you want, whether it's a specific theme, colour or style, we'll design and make a unique ice cream flavour that is exclusively for your shop.

Our Service
We create the ice cream concept, recipe and subsequently, produce an exclusive ice cream. Depending on your brief and special requests, we identify the characteristics of your shop and design a distinct flavour, appearance, texture, colour, as well as put in thought for its presentation. Should you require packaging for your ice cream, we'd be happy to complete that for you!

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